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  • Core technologies in use

    Shop-, datatechnologies and CMS such as Shopware, OXID eSales, Talend und TYPO3

    Since 2002 we realise after the “Best-of-Breed” preparation extensive B2B and B2C ecommerce solutions and compatible integrations. With an integral department summary it is possible, to offer you individual solutions under consideration of department specific challenges. From desktop to the mobile devices – with an agile and targeted procedure our nearly 60 employees implement successful online shops, digital product catalogs and informative portal solutions for you.


    We are as Spryker partner and Spryker agency your competent ecommerce agency. Contact us for your succesfull implementation and programming of your Spryker solution. Spryker offers a ecommerce framework for enterprise solutions. Spryker enables for innovative and modern companies to adapt really quickly in the digital trade. We offer you these benefits:

    Agility | Felixibility | Modularity | Framework | Individuality


    We realise as official Shopware agency and Shopware enterprise partner complex solutions in the enterprise area. Our developers are trained by Shopware and dispose about the necessary know-how. We offer you with the Shopware enterprise edition these benefits:

    Short time-to-Market | Huge investment safety | Innovation embossed shop technology | Seamless integration | Scalable & increase | Simple adaptability

    OXID eSales - Enterprise level partner logo

    OXID eSales

    NETFORMIC is OXID partner agency and OXID solution partner – Enterprise level. Our OXID developers are trained by OXID eSales to develop innovative and unique ecommerce solutions for you. We offer you with the OXID eShop enterprise edtition thes benefits:

    Modularity | Internationalisation | Performance & scalability | Economy | Stability & safety | Omni channel 

    Added value with additional technology

    Commercetools, PHP, Symfony, PhoneGap and WordPress

    We offer you additional to our core technologies Spryker, Shopware, OXID eSales, Talend and TYPO3 more technologies to realise integrated results for your digital solutions. Including technologies are the cloud based ecommerce solutions Commercetools, PHP and Symfony, which enables the implentation of individual software solutions for ecommerce projects. With Phone Gap you have the possibility to provide applications for mobile devices. So you can reach your target audiences mobile at smartphones & tablets. Do you have questions? We would like to help you.

    Experience with cutting sites

    FACT-Finder, jcatalog, brickfox, SAP, contentserv and much more

    With the following system providers we have a close partnership and/or have proven a huge cutting sites expertise. To reach the optimal result, we choose professional expertise partner from these areas: E-Commerce, merchandise, integration, search technology, cutting sites, middleware solutions and much more. Thereby we can convince by the integration of existing structures and implementation from cutting sites above years in experience.

    We use controllable technologies and integrations after the „Best-of-Breed“ preparation. These are based on HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Zend framework, JQuery (mobile too), ZenchaTouch, and so on. In the enterprise operation we use solutions on the basis of Apache, nginx, MySQL cluster, CDN and amazon. With this benefits we offer the NETFORMIC customer professional and individual web development from Stuttgart and Berlin. To reach integrated results, we use choosen expertise partner from these areas: E-Commerce, merchandise management, integration, search technology, cutting sites, middleware solutions and much more.

    • brickfox – The SaaS platform for successful multichannel ecommerce
      Middleware | PIM | Cutting sites | Marketplaces | Multishop solutions | Internationalisation


    • FACT-Finder – The intelligent and fault-tolerant search software
      Integration and operation of all FACT-Finder functions | intelligent search | Filter systems and individual adaption | Recommendation engine


    • pixi – portal shopping solutions
      Cutting sites to online shops


    • Sage –  ERP/WaWi
      Cutting sites to online shops
    • A.eins – ERP/WaWi
      Cutting sites via XML or CSV to OXID / brickfox


    • Abas ERP cutting sites


    • SAP cutting site
      Middleware | Prefabricated process templates and functions components | Proven adapter | Scalable process engine | Conversion to SAP for B2B or B2C shops | PIM cutting sites


    • Microsoft Navision – Prozess integration
      Connection formulars | cutting sites to online shops