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  • A lot companies have IT landscapes, which are complex, difficult to control and to overlook. Often there is a over decennia increased conglomerat  from different actors. They work with applications, data bases, programming languages and machine-oriented software. In the daily businnes it is important, that the different processes interact together and work frictionlessly. E-Commerce involves complex tasks for the IT!

    Talends data integration products offer tools who can integrate and convert data from every business system in real time or in the batch mode. By this process are functional and analytical requirements considered. With over 450 connectors is it possible to connect with nearly any data source.

    Data, application and SAP integration

    Flexible cutting sites for the ecommerce with Talend – Talend is the solution for datadriven ecommerce

    Talend data integration

    Talend offers by exigent ETL tasks a high power data integration. The system works for a balanced synchronisation between lots of systems with a structured setup from data bases. Next to the faster development and implementation offers talend a scalable architecture, which enables to get the maximum of your data.

    Talend application integration

    Talend offers with the enterprise service bus (ESB) a faster application integration and a standardised platform for the data- and application- integration based on a service oriented architecture (SOA). With this features you can increase your productivity, connect your systems faster and so it is able to reduce your operating costs. Special the application integration offers a simplification of complex mapping challenges, jobs and a connection from applications in real time.

    Talend SAP integration

    Talend enables the comparison from SAP data by data from a online shop solution and ERP. A solution which increases the productivity whereby a faster project implementation will be enabled. With this benefits can companies optimal use their data, execute batch data migration to SAP applications and synchronising data between SAP and other applications in real time. The NETFORMIC experts advise you to the topic SAP integration.

    Our customers perch on talend solutions

    Open-Source and state-of-the-art data platform for many integration applications

    Agile business process with talend

    Talend is a modern data platform for many integration applications, these help you to complify all data applications and to react in real-time to design business processes agile. For example: 

    • Real time offers 


    • Product references


    • Advertiser early detection


    • Predictive analytics


    • Dynamic pricing


    • Product improvement


    • Risk management


    With the professional data integration platform talend is it able to integrate and interpret data. A frictionless acces to data and exchange of data is with talend above system and application boarders consistently possible. The supported application cases from talend are: ETL for data synchronisation, data migration and data transfer. With this possibilities is it able to combine the product information system (PIM) with the suitable picture information, like it’s possible to fill and update online shops from merchandise and ERP-Systems with inventory and prices.

    We as talend agency concept, develop, implement and optimize your online shop. From the technical base till the fine tuning we work as official talend agency and Talend gold partner from stuttgart and berlin for solutions of your digital distribution. We are your contact for exigent challenges.

    If you decide for a talend solution, you get by the cooperation with NETFORMIC competent support and high performance IT hosting. We can guranteed for a clean template development and prgramming with over 14 years online experience. This benefits optimize your business and support the sale of your products on websites and online shops. We stand to you as contact for professional commerce questions and provides our ecommerce experience to disposal.

    Benefits with Talend by data driven ecommerce

    • Scalable cutting sites solutions
    • Automatable data actualisation (inventory, product informations)
    • Better serviceability from many different integrations by a standardised technology
    • Upgrated data quality