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  • The NETFORMIC developers realise online shop solutions as official Shopware agency and Shopware enterprise partner from Stuttgart and Berlin. We as Shopware enterprise partner are the right contact persons for exigent requirements. We are trained by Shopware and dispose about an informed expertise, knowledge and experience.

    Shopware is an innovative shop system, which is suitable to develop user-friendly and efficient online shops. The NETFORMIC ecommerce solutions with Shopware create digital shopping worlds with helpful plugins. Our certified developers adopt the implementation with responsive design too. The Shopware store versions have intelligent online marketing tools with a lot of SEO possibilities such as search engines improvement with AdWords.

    Shop system and online shop with Shopware

    Benefits and ecommerce solutions with the Shopware agency NETFORMIC

    B2B and B2C marketplaces and dealer integration

    Complex processes and management systems between trader landscapes. With a B2B or B2C marketplace you can network with other traders and offer your products.

    International trade with Shopware

    NETFORMIC implement digital and international Shopware projects, which are optimally applicable for the internationalization with support from different country specific conditions.

    Several mandators in combination and sub shops

    Shopware assists the institution of several mandators and sub shops and is so optimal applicable for the multifunctional commerce models. They can reproduce complex structures and design their online business even more multifaceted.

    Short time to market and adaptability 

    With the Shopware enterprise system you can launch your shop fast. Thereby it can be quickly and simple adapted to your individual conceivabilities and requirements.

    Digital B2B trade with business customers

    NETFORMIC develops digital distribution models for the B2B trade: Digital corporate product catalogs, customer service portals and an optimal product presentation. A corporate website which offers the maximal usability.

    Scalability and increase

    You have a lot of possibilities and your technologies are always up to date.

    Our customers perch on Shopware solutions

    From the marketplace for alliances and companionships, B2B online shop to the connection from online and offline trade

    We as Shopware agency conceptualize, devise, programm, implement and optimize your Shopware shop. We work for solutions of your digital distribution.

    B2B and B2C ecommerce has been developed to an important distribution channel for companies. The digital distribution and online tradefrom services and products is part of sustainable strategies. We as Shopware agency work with the shop technology Shopware to offer your customers and business partner automatisized processes.

    Optimize your business, support positiv the sale of your products on websites and online shops and use the benefit of a development with Shopware by the certified Shopware agency NETFORMIC. Contact us by professional commerce questions, we help you gladly with our ecommerce experience.

    Are you planning to relaunch your online shop or develop a brand new shop? We update your online shop with Shopware in this topics:

    • Conception and guidance for Shopware online shops
    • Shopware web design and live demo
    • Shopware programming, implementation and software development
    • Development of extensions
    • Individual adaptions and increments
    • Cutting sites to diverse backend systems such as merchandise management, payment provider, logistic coorperation
    • Online marketing and SEO
    • Support and high performance enterprise managed hosting

    Benefits of a cooperation with the ecommerce agency NETFORMIC

    The Shopware platform partner NETFORMIC provides you these benefits, references and highlights:

    • Support and high performance IT envoirenment hosting
    • Actual versions 2015 with Shopware 5 too
    • Over 14 years ecommerce experience
    • Professionals in the online marketing area and experts in the optimization of Shopware online shops
    • Individual cutting sites round about the shop
    • Shopware design and conception
    • Template development and programming